A Transportation Intermediary (TI) is an air, ocean, courier or freight forwarder’s agent, subsidiary or branch office, who acts on the behalf of a foreign principal to dispatch, document, receive, distribute and deliver globally originating shipments using the available multimodal methods.


· To be the National voice for our segment of the transportation industry.
· To develop and administer policies and regulations that foster fairness and efficiency in the industry.
· To facilitate compliance with Barbados Port Inc (BPI), Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) and Barbados Customs, through oversight and outreach.
· To assist in resolving disputes.
· To develop standards within the industry to foster professionalism.
· To provide educational forums which develop industry knowledge and skills necessary to maintain high standards.


– Monitor activities of the TI to ensure they maintain just and reasonable practices, while promoting the highest ethical standards for use within the industry

– Issue registration certificates and ensure that all qualified TI maintain the minimum operating standards to maintain port and airport user status.

– Disseminate information pertaining to rule or policy changes of the BPI, GAIA and Barbados Customs Services and any other regulatory border control agency.

– Monitor the laws and practices which can have an adverse effect on trade and transportation in Barbados and lobbying to protect the members’ interest from any harmful regulation by providing a strong voice to the regulatory bodies.

– Building and sustaining relationships with stakeholders including government, quasi- government bodies, trade associations and private sector interest.

– Fostering relationships with other regional and international intermediary associations.

– Lobby other bodies and interest on behalf of the association.

– Developing best practices to enhance and protect members’ interest.

Member Requirements:

No person or company may claim to be a member of TIB unless that person or company holds a valid registration certificate issued by TIB.

All members must

  • have a working telephone, fax and email address
  • have a letter of appointment from a foreign principal
  • be trained in the relevant customs e-manifest filing programme
  • know basic port and airport documentation requirements and operational procedures
  • must be proposed and seconded by members of the general body
  • must sign and agree to adhere to the code of Professionalism

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