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Identifying non-operational reefers on e-manifests

To all agents and consolidators
The Barbados Port Inc (BPI) has encountered challenges identifying non-operational reefers on e-manifests. Nothing exists to outline how these containers should be entered into ASYCUDA and by extension, the web portal. Customs has recently provided a way for non-operational reefers to be positively identified. The following container type codes have been introduced:
20′ standard non-operational reefer – 20NR
20′ highcube non-operational reefer – 20RO
40′ standard non-operational reefer – 40NR
40′ highcube non-operational reefer – 40RO
45′ standard non-operational reefer – 45NR
45′ highcube non-operational reefer – 45RO
53′ standard non-operational reefer – 53NR
53′ highcube non-operational reefer – 53RO
With immediate effect you are required to use these codes when declaring non-operation reefers on electronic manifests. Customs has confirmed that the new codes have been added and therefore should be available to ASYCUDA users. If you are unable to see the new codes in your ASYCUDA, please contact Customs.
No exceptions to the above will be accepted.


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