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New Port charges



Further to a meeting of the Board of Directors on 2 April 2013 and a meeting with the members of the Shipping Association of Barbados (SAB), the management of Barbados Port Inc (BPI) proposes to introduce the following measures.

Rental of Port Handsets.

Due to the increased cost of acquiring and maintaining the VHF Radios used during the working of vessels, the rental rate will be $40.00 per handset per shift, effective 1st July 2013.

Equipment Hire Fees

This is the charge for use of equipment under the control of the Company.

Type Revised Charges

Container Crane

Cruise (per hour) $750.00

Per TEU $80.00

Other Cargo (per lift) $120.00

Forklifts (per day) $600.00

Straddle Carriers (per day) $1000.00

Reach Stackers (per day) $1000.00

Tugs (per hour) $1500.00

Pilot Launches (per hour) $400.00

Conveyor Belt (per day) $1200.00

Tractor & Trailer (per day) $1000.00

Trailer (per day) $500.00

Tow Motor & Carts (per day) $800.00


New Charges:

Hatch cover off/on $70.00/ $70.00

Heavy Lifts (40-60 tonnes) $2000.00

Heavy Lifts (60-100 tonnes) $3500.00

Heavy Lifts movement from quay to stacking area $600.00

Heavy Lifts movement from stacking area to gate $600.00

Gangway storage $110.00 per vessel


These increases will be effective 1st July 2013.


Water Usage (ships)


Given the requirement to maintain an extensive network of pipes across the entire Port Facility, there will be an increase to the charge-out rate from $10.34 to $12.00 per cubic meter, effective 1st may 2014.


Incinerator/ Garbage disposal


The revised rates for provision of this service are as follows:


Service Revised


Ships (6cm skip) $1000.00

Commercial (1.5cm skip)

Paper & wood $162.00


A surcharge of 100% will be applied for any other type of garbage, as currently in effect.


The changes will become effective 1st May 2014.


Stevedoring Levy and associated fee


In recent discussions with the Executive of the SAB, it was acknowledge that BPI carries a greater burden of the risk/ cost of ensuring a certified and readily available workforce, justifying an increase in the administrative fee and stevedoring levy, relative to the rates currently charged. Therefore, the following adjustments will be implemented effective 1st August 2013.


Item Revised


Levy $3.50/tonne

Administration Fee $50%


Storage of Empty Containers

It is recognized that empty containers are being stored in the Port for periods longer than is operationally acceptable.


In keeping with the move to drive efficiency and faster throughput, it is proposed that the free storage periods for empty containers will be reduced from 30 days to 21 days effective 1st September 2013, and until further notice.


Explosives and other Hazardous Cargo.

The acceptance, handling or storage of explosives, excessively flammable and other hazardous cargo within the Port should be subject to obtaining prior approval from BPI, and making special arrangements for their handling and care as governed by the rules and regulations established by the Government of Barbados and other authorities for the transportation and handling of dangerous and hazardous cargo.

A detailed description of the hazardous cargoes and goods should be presented to BPI in advance, which is to include the international Maritime Organization (IMO) code and rating for each hazardous commodity to be discharged or handled at the Port.

It is proposed that the handling of cargo categorized as above would attract a 20 percent surcharge beyond the established RS&D charge given the additional precautionary requirements for the safe processing by the Port.

This new surcharge will be effective 1st August 2013.

Security Fees

In keeping with the requirements of the International Ship and Port Security (SPS) Code and the need to implement necessary security measures to ensure the safe operation of the Port Facility for the processing of cargo and passengers, a security fee was introduced in 2007 of $3.50 per tonne of cargo handled. Given the continued enhancements in this area in addition to the increased operating costs, it is proposed to increase this fee to $4.50 per tonne effective 1st July 2013.

Container Services

Miscellaneous services such as cleaning of containers will attract the following charges effective 1st June 2013:

Container Services Revised

Sweeping and vacuuming $100.00

Power washing $100.00


*Recover actual labour costs as well.



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